Boarding Kennels

Give your dog a holiday!The kennels are housed in a converted stable block, upgraded to a high standard, each fitted with a false ceiling with a layer of high quality insulation. Each former stable houses either 2, 3 or 4 individual kennels varying in size so as to accommodate either one or two dogs. Each kennel is individually heated by an infra-red lamp, thermostatically controlled, ensuring a cosy ambient temperature all year round.

spacious sleeping kennelsEach block is fitted with CCTV and a piped music/radio system. Research has proven that music can help to reduce stress in animals, while the CCTV system enables us to monitor all pets day and night.

  • Spacious Sleeping Kennels
  • Individual Infra Red Lamps
  • Large Beds


We care for your catThe Cattery is housed in a converted stable, upgraded to a very high standard with false ceiling and layer of insulation. Each cattery has a thermostatically controlled infra-red lamp and a piped music system.

In 2007 we extended the cattery with the addition of five extra units, two of which can comfortably accommodate two cats.

spacious cat chaletsEach cat is accommodated in a very spacious cattery with separate sleeping and litter areas. A climbing pole and a scratch pole ensure plenty of activity for your cat.

  • Spacious Cat Chalets
  • Climber
  • Hi Rise Shelf
  • Scratch Pad