At Blackberry Kennels the day begins when each dog is taken from the sleeping kennel and walked (on or off leash) in our fully secured one acre dog park. After this fun play time each dog is then housed in either the indoor or outdoor individual pet enclosures, depending on the weather. Each dog is then fed and all sleeping kennels are cleaned and prepared for night.

Dog Park at Blackberry Kennels

Professional care for cats and dogs
  • Each Dog is Walked Twice Daily
  • Individual Pet Care Throughout The Day

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Our Kitchen

In our kitchen a comprehensive range of food is available from various popular tinned products to "all in one" meals. Veterinary diets can also be catered for along with owners specific feeding instructions.

Individual Attention

Each dog receives individual attention throughout the day until the evening walk routine begins. After the walk the dog returns to the sleeping kennel where the evening meal awaits. Our CCTV system enables each pet to be monitored until final check and lights out.

Equally the cats in our care receive individual attention throughout the day but especially at morning and evening meal times.